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Fairy tale detectives.
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#SG10thAnniverse FanFic Cover (resized version) by EstrangeloEdessa #SG10thAnniverse FanFic Cover (resized version) :iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 1 0
Real (#SG10thAnniverse)
She's sitting on a train, and she's nervous. She isn't used to riding trains. She's a Southern California girl, and her usual mode of transport is an electric car speeding down a concrete freeway. It took her quite the road trip to get all the way over here to the lovely state of New York. She's never been here before. She went ahead and acted like a proper tourist for a day or two, oohing and ahhing at the sights of New York City, but that wasn't really what she came here to see. (She did spend a disproportionate amount of time at Central Park, though.)
The clouds outside are a little bit stormy, but it isn't actually raining. This disappoints her. Rain is her favorite weather, and besides, it would be an appropriate book-end. 
She shuffles a thick stack of maps on her lap. Many of them are roadmaps of New York; others detail the subways and the train lines. She drags her finger across one of these latter ones, first tracing Route 9D and then the Metro-North Railroad to it (she's
:iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 0 0
Another Sketchdump by EstrangeloEdessa Another Sketchdump :iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 2 3 Avengers Cosplay Designs by EstrangeloEdessa Avengers Cosplay Designs :iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 3 2
Letter to Luck
Hey there, Luck. Hey there. Been a while since we chatted, huh? I mean, I know you've still been around and everything. But actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you about...
You see, Luck, you're awfully nice. Especially to me. Now, now, don't get me wrong, don't think I don't appreciate you--of course I do, how couldn't I? But I have to wonder. We're good friends and all, but do I really deserve you?
There's been a lot of things in my life that are awfully lucky. I was born thin, able-bodied, white, cisgendered--society gives me a free pass. I have parents who are still together and mostly don't fight and are able to support me and all my siblings. The economy stinks, but we have a big house and a pantry full of food and both of them work. I'm lucky; I'm a lazy bum who doesn't work, so thank goodness they do it for me. 
I'm lucky that I grew up bilingual. Most people have to struggle to learn a second language. I'm lucky that my first language is Englis
:iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 3 0
Sketchdump: Tesmet and the Ex-Zombie by EstrangeloEdessa Sketchdump: Tesmet and the Ex-Zombie :iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 0 0 Sketchdump: Kendra and Jaqueline by EstrangeloEdessa Sketchdump: Kendra and Jaqueline :iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 0 0 Agent Carter by EstrangeloEdessa Agent Carter :iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 4 0 Basil Grimm by EstrangeloEdessa Basil Grimm :iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 3 15 Aching by EstrangeloEdessa Aching :iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 3 0
The Normals Draft: Introducing Louis
Scroll to the description to see what this is about. 

Draft 1:

"I'm glad you could meet me out here, Miss Averrige."
"Yeah, no problem." Marianne pulled out her chair and sat down. "Let's be 100% honest with each other, though. This is the first time I've ever gotten asked for an interview. Like, ever. So. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing."
"Is that so?" He smiled as he sat down opposite. "That makes two of us. I'm pretty new at this myself. I just moved in to the city, and the news offices here function pretty differently, and nobody's trusting me with any important articles yet."
"Oh. Okay." So clearly this was not an important article. Okay. 
"So let's get started, shall we?" He pulled out a piece of paper and scanned it. "Right. First question. So you got into this situation when you met a man by the name of Roger Impleton..."
"Right, sorry he couldn't come," said Marianne, then cursed herself silently for interrupting. 
"No, it's all ri
:iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 0 3
Snowman Card by EstrangeloEdessa Snowman Card :iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 4 0
The Normals Draft: Alternate Ending

Nicole was leaning heavily on her brother’s arm, and it was undignified, but there was no way she was going to stop and take off her high-heeled boots in front of the crowd of ex-Supers she and James were supposed to be bravely leading to freedom. So she kept marching on down what she hoped was the right hallway, wincing slightly with each step and fuming over the fact that she had to take steps at all.
She looked over her shoulder and asked the first Super, “How many Supers were left back at headquarters?”
“At least half the force,” answered the Rock. “But if they don’t know what’s happened to us…”
“We’ll have to find a way to let them know,” said James grimly.
“Is that the elevator?” said Nicole. “I hope that’s the elevator.”
The twins didn’t have a completely solid idea of their surroundings. It had taken them a long time to find the strength to eve
:iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 2 1
Nicole by EstrangeloEdessa Nicole :iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 0 5 NaNo Sketches 1 by EstrangeloEdessa NaNo Sketches 1 :iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 1 1 Cover: The Normals by EstrangeloEdessa Cover: The Normals :iconestrangeloedessa:EstrangeloEdessa 1 5
:iconunpopular1plz::iconunpopular2plz: :iconpersonalxdd1::iconpersonalxdd2:Sketches Love Stamp by PianoxLullaby

You can be an artist with a pencil stub and the back of your homework.

You can be a photographer with a cell phone camera.

You can be a sculptor with a lump of play-doh, and you can be a jeweler with string and plastic beads you picked up off the ground.

You can be anything, as long as you have the imagination and the courage...

But you can never, ever, ever, never, EVER IN THE WORLD be a writer without grammar. So get that into your head, O It's-just-my-style-of-expressing-myself-expressively Scribblers.


by revois

(I found this through a friend's faves... so don't freak out 'cause of the random stranger's critique.) First of all, it would be reall...

As I looked through these, the thing I noticed most was that you didn't seem to be focusing on proportions very much at all. It's notic...


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If art is not interesting, then it fails to be art at all.

I may not be the most interesting person myself, but I sure do try.

I'm a Russian-speaking, ASL-signing, English-loving, book-reading, novel-writing, fanfic-scribbling, fanart-spamming, kid's-movie-watching, immature nineteen-year-old geek working hard on becoming an interesting person. Stalk me on the Internet!


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